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Our Vision

The G. William James Consulting Group, as a team of Thought-Agents committed to the development of training programs and workshops for the mobile professional, strives towards keeping our clients informed and on the cutting-edge of the latest advances in mobile devices, applications and productivity tools, all designed for business success.

Strategy & Organization


Since 1999 G. William James has been providing training workshops, professional development seminars and continuing education courses to professionals on the go. The focus is aimed to teach individuals how to make the new mobile technologies work in their favor as a tool to meet the growing client demands and remain responsive, especially when away from the office.

Mobile Office Technologies


To meet the growing demands in today's business, mobile professionals must master the applications that keep the flow of information and accessability on a 24 hour cycle. We train you how to take your office with you, and succeed from wherever you are.

The Google Universe


Our flagship workshop series The Google Universe Boot Camp is an interactive course for individuals to learn how to integrate the Google For Work applications with other cloud-based productivity tools for an effective mobile office solution, using only their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Device Training Classes


We began our business with workshops teaching Palm Pilot PDAs back in 1999. We have witnessed the evolution of the technology and have kept our clients on the leading edge ever since. Today we meet the demand with online classes on how to take full advantage of the latest devices, camera features, wireless functions and the applications that keep you in demand and productive.

​Google Workspace Administration


Organizations looking to increase their interoffice communications while increasing their mobility look to Google For Work applications as a lower cost solution and alternative to Microsoft 365 and subscription hosting services. We provide the data migration and system administration, then train your staff. Your flow of information will all be in-house and self-managed.

Your Speaker For Today Is... 


G. William James has been gaining national popularity as a platform personality and keynote speaker since starting in his college days, speaking to youth groups, churches and civic organizations. Today, William is very active as a speaker at business meetings, conventions, luncheons and technology events. He is a motivator, a visionary and quite effective as a storyteller, always with an inspiring message for your audience to take to heart.


As a speaker on business topics, he is internationally known for his expertise on mobile office technology and cloud computing for professionals on the go, the principles of time management and productivity in the digital world, and mastering customer relationships in a global market. Contact us today and invite William to inspire your group.

Time Management and CRM


As part of an effective mobile office system, the principles of time management and productivity in business such as those taught by Stephen Covey are more relevant today than ever. Our workshops emphasize these principles as making the difference in how we manage the time and information today, being more mobile than office bound; A well-designed strategy to manage our busy schedules and how we interact with customers is key to a productive day.


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