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KW Georgia Masterclass 2024

Google Workspace and AI Solutions For REALTORS 

Discover as a Keller Williams Agent how to use the power of ChatGPT and Google Apps to be more productive, improve marketing and lead generation, build your brand, and provide your clients and customers and get more closings

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Designed For Keller Williams Agents

Every day is an extra-busy day in the life of a real estate professional. With so much to accomplish, any tools we can use to stay atop the process is valuable, which is why the tech gurus at Keller Williams gave you the Google Apps suite, to integrate with Command.

Here's your opportunity to learn the basic and advanced secrets of Google Cloud Apps and other cloud-based tools, and discover how to bring more value to your clients than ever before. The apps are easy to use, and the class is for all skill levels.

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Newly Added

How ChatGPT and AI Has Forever Changed Real Estate  

Artificial intelligence apps have shown us the future of business. Real estate and the marketing process will be improved and enhanced once you learn how to use it to better serve your clients.

Topics Covered 

  • Gmail- 2024 brings many new powerful features to your account

  • Sync Command & Outlook - bring your lead databases together

  • Calendar - Time management couldn't be any better than this!

  • Google Drive - Manage and share documents, PDFs and landing pages

  • Photos, YouTube & Social Media Tips to build and influence audiences

  • Google Business Profiles & SEO - how to get discovered more in search

  • Google Ads - Are they worth the investment? 

  • NEW - Chat GPT and other AI solutions for real estate professionals


Your Presenter
G. William James
For over 2 decades, G. William James has been inspiring mobile professionals around the world on how to manage their busy day from a handheld device. He began making sales presentations on Palm handhelds and smartphones as the ultimate mobile business tool, and has evolved with the technology, now presenting mobile office solutions for handheld computers, smartphones, and tablets. He has presented to hundreds of offices, conventions, technology events, and webinars on the best mobile strategies for time management, productivity and customer relationships. most recently with his "Google Universe Boot Camp". He was profiled in Black Enterprise Magazine as  a Master Of Mobile Technology.

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