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Tips for Using Google Business Profile to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Business

If you are a real estate agent or broker, and you have not optimized your Google Business Profile, you could be losing valuable leads and customers.  You may not be seen on Google Maps because of it. Why is this important? The answer is simple: consumers are increasingly using Google Maps to find services and businesses by searching in Google Maps, and they are selecting the search term “near me” that will bring to view the Agents who have learned the secrets of SEO. Google Business Profiles and Maps now work together more than ever, giving your customers the easy access to your business- If you have done the essential work.

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Key Tip #1: Create, set up and maintain your Google Business Profile Page

Using your Gmail address and password, create a Business profile, and get verified. Add content to your page that will attract customers and pique their interest in you even before they attempt to go to your website.

Add relevant photos and video content to your page. These images will be a valuable asset to your profile.  Street photos of the office, the reception desk and the conference room are good choices. Listing photos are also good to upload, but don't try to upload an entire gallery of a house.


Make sure to keep your photos current. The Google search system loves up-to-date content.

Key Tip #2: Let customers know who you are and why they should choose you

Using the right keywords can attract customers to your content and will help the search engine rank you high and get you noticed. Keywords are the secret sauce to Google search, and to get noticed both locally and regionally, you need to use specific keywords that will put you in reach within and expanded area.

As an example, As a Realtor in Los Angeles, you would not only reference Los Angeles, But LA as a keyword, and as many locations as you can mention that a customer my type in the search bar. Don't forget attractions and destinations such as Hollywood, the beaches, the universities and other locations people may use in a search. Extend your reach to include Orange County. Disneyland, and the Pacific coast as keywords.

Complete the business information section of the profile, making sure to add relevant keywords in the description. Every keyword counts, and you should update this information as needed to keep it fresh and get the search engine to recognize you.

Get reviews from previous customers, anyone who has done business with you on your profile page. This has a huge, impressive effect on potential customers. If you have reviews in other spaces, such as your website, Yelp, Yahoo, Zillow or others, ask those customers to write one for you on your page. There is a link in settings that makes this easy via email or a link to your blog page or social media.  

Key Tip #3: Get Google Screened and consider buying Google Ads

Getting Google screened is one of the best steps you can take towards getting highly ranked in local search. Agents are screened by Google, and once you are considered an established business professional in your area, you will have the green check, an endorsement as such by Google, and customers can trust you. This also gives you much higher visibility and a huge opportunity to increase your customer engagement.

The Google Ads program has its pros and cons, but could give you the advantage you seek in getting noticed by customers using Google search. In the Ads program, you are only charged when your link is clicked. An investment of $10 per day could mean thousands in commissions for you. In addition, investing in Ads gives you a top position in both Google Business profiles, Google Screened lists and in organic Google search results. The word Ad in bold print precedes your link.  If you are not sure if you want a long-term investment in Ads, Google offers free Ads credits if you want to see if it will work for you.

Apply to get Google Screened by clicking here

Key Tip #4: Add content to your online platforms to get higher ranking in search

Content is king. The Google search algorithm finds all online content associated with you and uses it to give up-to-date, relevant and targeted results to search customers. Keeping your content fresh will be an advantage to your rank. Google will like if you add posts to social media and blog sites two to three times per week. Adding photos, events and social posts to your Google Business Profiles can be a huge plus as well. 

Key Tip #5: Use backlinks to supercharge your search ranking

Backlinks are an often overlooked but highly valuable tool in the process of getting higher placement in Google search. A backlink is simply a reference to your website or social platforms written on a website of or blog page not directly associated with you. Getting other sites to include an active link to your content is a backlink, and Google's search tools love to see this kind of endorsement of you. Websites and blogs that are related to your industry are especially valuable. Get backlinks and watch your ranking increase. 

Bonus Tip: Optimize your website

Any website developer can tell you there are many invisible elements that play a huge role in the success of your site. Every page in your website contains text, images, links, forms, etc. all of which is closely looked at by the Google search tool.  The keywords within the text helps to algorithm to include you in a related search query. Equally valuable are tags, or hidden keywords embedded into photo images, tabs of your pages and more. Advanced users can add forms, appointment calendars, even spreadsheets and documents that auto-update when you edit the original in Google Drive, for example. Ask your web designer to create a sitemap, which works in the background for easy access by the Google search tool, and to subscribe to Google Analytics, a free tool that will give you valuable data about the performance of your website. 

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. This is vitally important, as most web activity today is performed on a smartphone. If your website is hard to navigate on mobile devices, customers won't stay and the Google search tool will lower your ranking based on average time spent on your site. 

These tips are just the basics when it comes to SEO mastery. 

I am happy to be your SEO Manager, your tour guide through this process.

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