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The Step-By-Step Guide to

Master the Top Google Apps! 


This is the guide for anyone who wants to use any of the Google desk and mobile applications for business and personal use.

Filled with easy-to-follow set up instructions, tips and tricks, with plenty of screenshots, this is the one way you can be sure to get the absolute most from your Google apps,


  • Gmail- The ultimate mobile email solution! Learn to import your other accounts into Gmail, having one place to open all your mail, and let Gmail's unique system send and receive your mail your way! 


  • Google Voice- Make this fantastic tool your front-office phone reception. Features include customized call screening and multiple personalized greetings.


  • Google Calendar- Learn the step-by-step method of mobile productivity at it's best- sharing calendars and making your marketing events public and searchable makes for a gold-mine of opportunity.


  • Google Drive- Manage all of your current and new documents from anywhere, anytime- they're always with you! Discover how to collaborate and share your documents securely and conveniently, and much more!


  • Google Photos- Learn how to upload and manage your photo and video media right from your mobile devices to share with your social sites and  manage your marketing with photos and video from anywhere.


  • YouTube- The world's most popular online video site holds many secrets for your personal and professional videos! Learn to create, upload, edit and share both personal and professional videos like a pro, and make it look easy, because it is!


  • Google Meet- Discover the new ways to communicate over Internet connections using Hangouts for domestic & international phone calling, instant messaging and video communication like none other!

  • Google SEO- Discover how to use the world's most engine to get your business ranked high, with the opportunity, using Google My Business and Ads to put today's listings and services available to the world-wide audience.

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